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“Response to Probation -Department Watchdog”

Treating others the way I wish to be treated is considered the “golden rule.” I would argue that our government should reflect the moral compass of its citizens. Lancaster, my home, never has and will never hold a value of any kind that allows children to be mistreated, let alone assaulted at any level. Over three years, occurrences of children pepper-sprayed jumped over 150% for teenagers in juvenile facilities is nothing less than horrific.

I am not discussing what methods are acceptable to reprimand a child. These children are not experiencing regular childhood disciplines but serious human rights violations. Viewing it any less is a sign of ignorance and an alarming lack of empathy. How can we expect these children to come out of the judicial system and become better contributors to society if we placed them where these types of assaults are common practice. How can our legal system help minors learn to become contributing members of Los Angeles if they’re too busy being pepper-sprayed?

Two things come to mind: Firstly, those who say minors in juvenile facilities should have known better. If hit with pepper spray, the child most likely acted in a way that would be deserving. I’ve heard the cries of those pepper-sprayed and seen the physical pain they feel for hours. No child should ever experience that pain. Our system of governance should not entertain cruelty. If children are to learn how to become decent people, we, in turn, must be the adults and set the example by treating them with decency. Secondly, pepper-spraying minors becoming a regular practice, shows the dedication we have for the struggling young people that are in Los Angeles. I am exceptionally thankful for those fighting to reform the probation department, specifically Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. Elected, I would work closely with Mark to help the reform process. Our humanity sits confined within the space of our empathy. 

Response Post By:

Jason Dutton

Director | External Communications